Welcome to The Walking Partnership. This exciting initiative, supported by RWH Travel, aims to provide direct financial support to the grass roots of the walking community in the UK through local walking clubs and societies. If your group supports walking by organising group walks, encouraging people to get out walking, helping to clear and improve footpaths, providing equipment to help walkers or some other contribution to walking in your area, you may be eligible to join The Walking Partnership.

Over the past 70 years, RWH Travel has given many millions of pounds to assist walking charities and conservation projects in Britain and the countries we visit on our worldwide holidays. Now your group could benefit directly from this support!

How to Join

Many local walking groups and clubs have joined The Walking Partnership, and we are welcoming new partners every day. If your walking group has not yet applied to receive funding from The Walking Partnership, supported by RWH Travel, please ask your group secretary, treasurer or chairman to fill out the application form below.Please ensure that you inform us each time you or a member of your group travels with us and we will nominate your group. Please note the nomination must be done before the holiday and cannot be paid retrospectively and the payments will not be made in conjunction with any other offer. Download Application Form.

RWH Travel are proud to support hundreds of walking groups all over the UK. To find out if your local walking group is a member of TWP or to request more information on joining please email

How do we earn?

As a partner, your walking group will receive funding in the form of a financial contribution every time one of your members books a holiday with RWH Travel. In order to qualify, the person travelling must nominate your group before they travel. The group will receive a 6-monthly payment taking into account all holidays that have taken place in the previous 6 months on which the group was nominated. The contribution structure is set out in the table below.

Holiday Type Contribution
UK holidays £10 per person booked
Short haul or Cruise & Walk holidays £20 per person booked
Long haul holidays £30 per person booked

Our Walking Partnership Groups will also receive other great benefits from time to time, including special holiday offers and access to exclusive events. Don’t just take our word for it:

“Hillingdon Ramblers joined the Walking Partnership Scheme in March 2012. Knowing how very popular RWH Travel were with our members, we were eager to join and benefit both our group and the countryside in which we walk.

Since joining the scheme we have received £1840.  These funds have enabled us to buy equipment to help promote our group at local events and provide better facilities and accommodation for our Annual General Meeting.

In addition through the Chiltern Society, we have provided three Kissing Gates, one in the Coleshill, Chenies and Little Chalfont.  The Chiltern Society obtains the approval from the landowner, local authority and undertakes the installation.  Our gates carry a plaque “Donated by Hillingdon Ramblers in association with RWH Travel” an advertising benefit to both organisations.

The Walking Partnership scheme has certainly enabled our group to purchase and participate in expenditure beyond the restraints of our annual budget.  A great scheme and Hillingdon Ramblers are delighted and grateful to receive such generous donations from RWH Travel.” Martin Skipper (Former Treasurer, Hillingdon Ramblers)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to take a group holiday
No. Your walking group will benefit from every individual booking that a group member makes on any holiday. They can also benefit from a Private Group holiday – please see the below section for more information.
How do I know if my group is registered? 
To find out if your local walking group is a member of TWP or to request more information on joining please email If your group has not registered, please ask your group secretary, treasurer or chairman to fill out this application form.

How do I nominate my group for funding?
Mention the name of your group when you are booking. Your nomination will appear on your confirmation invoice.

Can my group receive funding for a booking that I have already made?
Yes – as long as the holiday has not taken place yet, and your group is registered with The Walking Partnership, you can nominate your group for funding on your booking. Please email RWH Travelquoting your booking reference on or call 01707 331133. Nominations will not be accepted for holidays that have already taken place.

Can the walking group make nominations for funding on behalf of those travelling?

No. As with all booking changes, nominations for funding must come from the person named on the booking. The walking group cannot be involved in this process.

When will my group receive the contribution from my booking?
The group will receive a statement and payment every April and October covering those holidays that have taken place in the previous 6 months.

Our group requires additional metal plaques to mark the funding contribution made by The Walking Partnership. How do we get these?
Just give us a call or send us an email using the below details, and we will arrange for these to be sent to you.

How much funding will my walking group receive for my booking?
Your group will receive £10 per participant for UK holidays, £20 per participant for short haul or Cruise & Walk holidays and £30 per participant for long haul holidays.

Do all bookings qualify?
Most bookings qualify in the scheme. However, certain heavily discounted bookings will not qualify, for example, competition prizes and other offers made from time to time. The decision on qualification lies wholly with RWH Travel and will be made on a case-by-case basis.

I book through a Travel Agent, does my booking still qualify?

Yes! Just mention that your group is a member of TWP and the group name to your Travel Agent and they’ll arrange this for you.

Can I book a private holiday for our whole group?
If you organise a Private Group holiday, it’s also great news. A group of 16 or more people will qualify for a discount of 5% off the basic price plus TWP contibutions for walking groups of 16 or more will also benefit from a capped payment via TWP as follows:

Long Haul – £150
Short Haul – £100
UK – £10 per night

Walking Groups of up to 15 members will receive a TWP contribution as follows:

Long Haul – £30 per person
Short Haul – £20 per person
UK – £10 per person

All the other benefits apply, such as the dedicated personal Private Groups service, groups of 20+ the organiser will get an additional gift as an extra thank you.

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